A flurry of outdoor and indoor activities are conducted in a scheduled manner over the year. Classrooms are also the hub of an assortment of brain games. These help them to learn discipline and synchronization.


Music is a magical gift we must nourish and activate in our children. It broadens their understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

Western and traditional dance forms are taught to the children on foot tapping numbers with new flavour.

Yoga classes are held to enhance attention, focus and concentration of children as well as to achieve physical and mental discipline by reducing anxiety.

Story telling is an old art and listening to fictional and fairy tale stories is the first love of children since ages. The stories are enacted in school by giving children the role plays so that the message behind the tales reaches them without being preachy. They are fascinated by sequences from the land of fairies, kings, queens, witches and gnomes.

Show and Tell activities are held to help children build their vocabulary and experience public speaking.

Children explore an all new world world with clay modelling. They feel empowered to fabricate a new thing which stimulates their curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Lots of water activities including Splash Pool, Floating & Sinking and Water Vapour formation are taken up during summer months.

Outings can be educational as well as fun. Excursions are taken to Traffic Park, Fire station, Zoo etc. to enhance their eagerness to explore. They gain knowledge in a fun-filled way.

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